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The dance-themed short film Noste is an aesthetic journey to the world of underwater dance. The dancing, the impressive underwater environments and the touching music will create an ethereal and thought provoking visual work together. The premise of the film is to investigate how water and the weightlessness created by it influence the body, the movement and the fluidity of dance and its dynamics. The film attempts to answer the question of whether a person is able to express and create an artistic, movement-based work when the natural circumstances are radically altered.
Noste is a short film by dancer-choreographer Etel Röhr in which she uses dance to contemplate what would happen to movement and the culture of dance if the world would be covered with water and a new human race would begin its life underwater, living on the terms of the new environment. At first she practiced her moves on the surface, but had to forget all she had learned after she dived underwater for the first time. The experience gave a whole new meaning to the term “weightless space”, and she had to learn everything she had been taught again on the water's terms, including her moves, the angles and even the most crucial human skill; breathing.



Director: Marko Röhr

Production: Matila Röhr Productions


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